Jonathan Sdao: Getting Ready for Movember

Every November, men like Jonathan Sdao, shave down and begin growing mustaches to raise awareness and money for men’s health. Movember was officially started by two friends from Melbourne, Australia in 2003 and has grown to over five million participants over the last fourteen years.

Jonathan Sdao Getting Ready for Movember

The Movember Foundation was formed the following year, bringing much-needed awareness to prostate cancer. Today, the foundation focuses on four key men’s health issues including, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity. Since its inception, the foundation has raised more than 540 million dollars. If you’re interested in participating in this year’s movement, here’s what you need to do to start.

  1. Consider joining a team for some friendly competition, or start your own. Members of a team can be located anywhere in the world and can consist of anyone. To find a team or start a team head to the official Movember Foundation website and register.
  2. Purchase a quality razor. The spirit of Movember means you have to say goodbye to your beloved beard for a bit in order for you to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  3. On November first, you will need to shave off your beard and start at the beginning. Trying something different for a month is part of the fun. If you fear that you may have lost the touch of shaving, you can always get a hot shave from your local barbershop.
  4. Stock up on some mustache wax so you can give your mustache the attention it deserves during the second half of the month.
  5. The most important thing you need to do during Movember is to promote men’s health. This is the month for you to help draw attention to the health risks that will affect most men. Use Movember to commit to shifting the focus of men’s health.

Since 2013, Johnathan Sdao has been raising money for Movember. As a team leader, he has helped raise over $5,000 for the Movember Foundation.


About Jonathan Sdao

Jonathan Sdao has a bright future ahead of him as a financial expert. He majored in Economics with a concentration in Financial Markets from Colby College and now works as an intern for J.G. Capital in Connecticut, where he updates and creates three statements and valuation models for multiple companies in the technology sector.
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